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Cathrine is dedicated to preserving life supporting systems in nature and in society. Her background in geography, extensive travels and working with an NGO and an embassy has given her experiences with especially poverty, gender, community development, ethnic minorities and the environment. She took an interest in permaculture first time in South Africa in 2000 while working with Zulu farmers and has studied and applied permaculture principles in her later work in Nepal and Vietnam. She has also worked as a consultant evaluating and documenting rural development projects including permaculture projects and Farmer Field Schools. In early 2010, the time was finally ripe for her to take the permaculture design course in New Zealand. She has since then attended a teacher training course, a natural building and organic gardening internship in Thailand. She is working on designing a permaculture garden and strawbale house in Denmark and started teaching introduction courses to permaculture and co-teaching PDCs.

Navigation News

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IMG_0905‘Navigation’ is a System 4 Meta-System Support in the Viable System Model.

By Davie Phillips

The objective of Navigation is to monitor the outside world in order to identify opportunities that could further the aims of the IPT project and potential threats to its viability. It will build relationships with stakeholders and strategic partners outside of our EPT in order to disseminate the findings of the partnership widely.”


The following words describe the Navigation activity: Forward Planning, Researching, Building External Relations, Minimising threats, Maximising opportunities, Future proofing, Thinking globally, Monitoring change, Managing change, Adapting, Responding, Alerting.

Navigation held its first session at the meeting in Leeds, where it was agreed that at each meeting at least one session will be facilitated by Navigation. At Leeds a number of people stepped up to hold this function.


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Zone 00 – Breathe

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Klara Hansson presented a technique for breathing that will keep you healthy, balanced and focused. The technique is to first breathe deeply into the stomach, then fill the middle area around the ribs with air and finally breathe into the top area of your lungs by moving shoulders and head backward to open the chest to its maximum. That’s a big breath! Let the air pass through the throat making a little sound and stimulating the body’s uptake of oxygen.

A video recording of the session follows:

Feedback provided by participants:

(-) Use the questions to open up the discussion at the beginning of the session instead of at the end
(+) Talk clearly and in a grounded way
(+) Makes total sense to have the breathing as part of Zone 00 exercises!

The Slovenia Meeting

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The meeting buzzing with busy permanent teachers. We have been through a journey together. We have discussed educational structures in Europe, teaching methods, manual and content, web and databases, values, communication, organization etc etc.

This is the fourth day in the beautiful mountains of northern Slovenia. Like the peaks stretching up into the sky, extending our ambitions far outside the objectives of the partnership. We want it here and we like to use our free time to get permaculture to spread in Europe and beyond.