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Ghana’s GPI goes for Sustainable Goals

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Anyone who has recently followed the development of the Ghana Permaculture Institute knows: the warm-up phase ended long ago, now the game is in full swing and first milestones have been reached. The finish line is in sight: establishing the first Ecovillage as the core of a West African Permaculture-Network. The Institute, moving surely and steadily forward in the right direction, may now look forward to further ambitious targets which loom on the seemingly far horizon: the Sustainable Development Goals. Continue reading Ghana’s GPI goes for Sustainable Goals

Empowered Fundraising

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john-croftShared by Kipper:

Fact Sheet Number 8:  Empowered Fundraising: Radical Generosity – the Power of Philanthropy to Change the World, By John Croft and Dot Green

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Introduction to Demystifying Money

Empowered Fundraising is about transforming people’s relationship with money.  Empowered fundraising is a means of creating opportunities for people to engage with their own greatness.  Currently this is far from our current attitude to money or to fundraising.

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Building an Empty Centred Organisation

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Fact Sheet Number 16 by John Croft (provided by Kipper)

The Problem with Existing Organisations

dragon-dreaming-markHow do we build organisations that truly work in the 21st Century towards the Great Turning?  What kinds of organisation can take on and run truly successful projects, which empower their members, build community and work in service to the Earth?  What organisational structures can be so inspiring that it stimulates thousands of new initiatives at all levels of the community?  This is the ultimate goal of Dragon Dreaming, as given the social, economic, political and environmental difficulties we are currently facing, only a liberation and unleashing of this creative human potential is strong enough to make the kind of difference we need.

In Dragon Dreaming, it is important to recognise the role existing organisations play in the context of our contemporary problems.  Without this context we will make mistakes, blame people inappropriately, and create structures that will not only just not work, but may actually make matters worse, contributing to the problem rather than the solution.

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