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Advanced Permaculture Design Courses

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There has been little debate or even discussion on Advanced Permaculture Design Courses. We see them advertised infrequently and perhaps do not recognise fully their value. As designer of many miles of experience in many different offices of the world and many more variations of projects coming from a professional background in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design lucky enough to mould Permaculture with all these disciplines I specialise in Advanced Design. This is my forte. I recognise it as tremendously valuable for “Permaculture is a Design Philosophy” but where are all the designers. I can imagine that the task of designing any project is often quite daunting. And, in all seriousness it is. From someone who knows the industry inside out, I know it is a daunting task. No matter how big the project is. I have designed many at many differing scales, from small one off kitchen gardens to an 8,000 hectare new city. I enjoy the challenge and revel in it.

I have recognised there is a need right across Europe to develop our design skills and have been invited to offer my skills and experience to lead Advanced Permaculture Design Courses. These may be either a full 7 day course or be more of a Design Workshop of a long weekend. If you feel you would like to be part of these at any level either participating in one, co-teaching or convening please do let me know and we will mutually evolve these needs and serve a growing demand to again advance more real outcomes and models of excellence on the ground. Just remember any idea can involve the exercise of design. Such a project does not necessarily need to be a garden or farm, it could be any subject or project that needs support through vehicles of design. An APDC is also a very valuable follow up course for the standard accredited PDC.

Please go online and comment into the Permaculture College of Europe for this is yet another programme it is supporting or email me directly. Email: or skype me for discussion if you prefer Skype: stevenlawrencehart

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Permaculture College of Europe

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PCofE logoThe Permaculture College of Europe was officially launched at EUPC12 in Batak, Bulgaria July 2014. It was one specific very practical and immediate outcome of the series of EPT Conferences formulated by Leo Bakx and Steve Hart with considerable support from Martin Giannini, Dr Peter Sherwood-Roberts and Dr. Martina Petru. The challenge now is to build on this outcome to evolve it into a very worthwhile and supportive energy right across Europe. The website has evolved and much brainstorming on policy process and programmes is highly active. We invite all members of the entire European Permaculture community to come on this great journey with us. The energy will be mutual as will the outcomes and opportunities. Please do read through all links of the website and offer your comment. It is an evolving tool as nature is teaching us. We will be driving this vehicle for all to be satisfied. Continue reading Permaculture College of Europe

The Permaculture College of Europe

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by Steve Hart, July 2014

PCofE logoThe idea of The Permaculture College of Europe was born from discussions of objectivity  from the first series of EPT Conferences. It was recognised as a value in developing a facility that could function to serve the key future developments of Permaculture Education throughout Europe. This is but one tool in the structural tool box and as an excellent outcome to evolve the tremendous efforts created from the EPT series.  Continue reading The Permaculture College of Europe

Federation or Foundation, Society or Cooperative?

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Europe pointilizedBy Steve Hart, July 2014

At EPT 6 in Denmark there was a strong feeling among many that a “Federation” become the vehicle to support future needs, strategies and developments desired to flow on from the EPT energy.

My personal discussions of such structures has been a response to views commented on over the past four years about the collapse in Permaculture through lowering standards and the values and needs of support and service structures in order to maintain and develop the standards and performances throughout the whole pallet of Permaculture. My essay “Permaculture’s Collapse Dance” introduces this observation.

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Permaculture’s Rebirth and Renaissance from the Potential Collapse Dance

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permie-studentsby Steve Hart, Ecology Architecture

The generational patterns of Permaculture’s evolution is becoming more and more evident through what I perceive as a collapse in standards. How do I arrive at this thinking? As Jan Fischer says: “I was a lucky one of the first generation of students and activists.” I had the privilege of working alongside the founders and walking the pathway of the high standards that were set. I also supported these standards in recognising they were critical in evolving the world of Permaculture into higher levels of academia and professionalism. As an Ecology Architect working in professional offices this attitude was reinforced through all aspects of my professional daily life.

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