A Game: Call My Bluff


  • Get to know each other better
  • Fun
  • Movement

5 to 10 mins per person in the group; i.e. 10 people can take between 50 mins to 1 hours 40 mins or 20 people can take between 1 hour 40 mins to 3 hours 20 mins.

Adapted by Rakesh from British TV show of the same name, “Call my bluff.”


  • Around day 4 or 5 of a PDC
  • NOT early in the course
  • Larger groups >15, Consider doing 5 people per day
  • This is a good activity for the graveyard shift (after lunch)


Optional pen and paper
Need space for people to move around

Content – The Game

  • Ask everyone to think of 3 outrageously crazy things they have done or has happened to them
    • 2 Must be TRUE
    • 1 Must be FALSE
  • Ask them to keep the stories relatively brief
  • Optionally get them to write their stories down
  • Get everyone to stand
  • First person stands in front of the group and states tells their 3 stories
  • Aim of the game is for the rest to guess which is false
  • Time willing: People can ask clarifying questions to see if they can catch the person out or extract more info about each story
  • People then vote with their feet i.e. If they think question 1 is false, stand to the left. If they think question 2 is false, stand in front. If they think question 3 is false, stand to the right
  • Time willing: person can then tell the full story
  • Tweaks, to save a little time only have 1 true statement and 2 false