EPT2 :: European Permaculture Education Structures

Sorry the virtual conference isn’t happening like we intended to. Life happens and plans change.

We made a good start. Great meeting of minds; all these wonderful people from all over Europe and then some ­čśë

In the coming days we will publish pictures and sound recordings, possibly some video of presentations too. Also notes from participants…

EPT2: Slovenia – Education Structures

Second EPT Meeting in Trenta, Slovenia: 22-25 October 2012

European Permaculture Education Structures is the main theme of this meeting.

Permaculture teachers and education organisers of more then 14 European countries participate in a partnership (co-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme) to explore sustainable ways to share knowledge. Offering professional development to permaculture teachers across Europe is the main goal of this two-year project.

There are 7 transnational meetings planned, of which this meeting in Trenta is the second. All participants will share knowledge and ideas about advanced permaculture education, also known as the Diploma Pathway.

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EUPC Live; Day 2, Thursday 2 August

Today we selected this sessions tat you can attend live o watch it later:

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