Case study for Friland (Denmark)

DATE:    27.05.2014 PROJECT NAME: Friland Eco Village LOCATION: Denmark, Friland SIZE: 10 hectares, 105 people (75 adults, 30 children), DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 2002 DESIGNER: Steen Moeller and others CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Friland community MANAGED BY: Community of Friland CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: (Catherine, Tove, Tycho, Karoline)

Networking Garden

One of the activities we did at the Friland meeting was to create a Networking Garden with links relevant to our work of important organisations, places and people at international and national level. NATIONAL LEVEL Denmark: Eco­villages (LØS), Baltic ecco­villages (BEN), Ø­network (Island­netwpork), Landsforeningen for økologisk byggerei (LØB), Vocational colleges, LAND / PLANT, PAUK ( Transition… Continue reading Networking Garden

Fourth Day at Friland Meeting

As with every morning, we began with an opening circle, where we did a round of appreciation and sang a song that went like this: “Home,  I’m coming home I need the land to heal my soul Coming home Coming home Over the green, green fields and far away.”

Third Day at Friland Meeting

Like every morning, we formed the opening circle to start off the day, where everyone shared something learned the day before. The morning was dedicated to working on widening participation when designing permaculture courses. The aim is to reach different audiences that are not usually represented in permaculture courses. The topics were chosen from a… Continue reading Third Day at Friland Meeting

Case study for Mas Franch (Spain)

DATE: 26/09/2013 PROJECT NAME: Mas Franch LOCATION: St. Feliu Pallerols (Girona) SIZE: 2 ha DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 2007 DESIGNER: Mas Franch Collective CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Mas Franch MANAGED BY: managed by the collective. Richard Wade as tutor CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION:

Case study for the gASTWERKe Community in Escherode (Germany)

DATE: 25.03.2013 PROJECT NAME: gASTWERKe e.V. LOCATION:    Escherode, Staufenberg; Germany SIZE: 10 ha DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED:    Project Start 2008 DESIGNER:    All community members CLIENT/DEVELOPER:    Intentional community gASTWERKe e.V. MANAGED BY:  All community members CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Gastwerke Forstamtstraße 6 34355 Staufenberg Germany

Case study for Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju – Ecological Farm Shushtar (Slovenia)

DATE: 26.03.2013 PROJECT NAME:     Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju [Ecological Farm Shushtar] LOCATION: Hotemaze, Slovenia SIZE: 2 Hectares + 1500H Zone 5 DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 1989 DESIGNER: Primoz Kriselj CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Primoz Kriselj MANAGED BY: Primoz Kriselj CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Primoz Kriselj,

Case study for the Permaculture Center Vale da Lama (Portugal)

DATE: February 14th 2014 PROJECT NAME: Quinta do Vale da Lama LOCATION: Vale da Lama, Odeáxere, Lagos, PORTUGAL SIZE: 43ha DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: all site design not yet complete DESIGNERS: Walt Ludwick, Nita Barroca, Xana Piteira, Ana Marreiro, André Carvalho, Maria Rute Costa, Patricia Russo Pereira, Sandra Peixoto, Gonçalo Teixeira, Rita Domingues, António CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Walt Ludwick… Continue reading Case study for the Permaculture Center Vale da Lama (Portugal)

Review of the EPT journey done on first day of Denmark meeting

What have we learned or gained together so far? Supporting the Permaculture movement through quality assurance of offered courses. European togetherness. Creating a support network that is flexible to carry out the PA activities. Creating an understanding of the outcomes of the delivery outcomes. VSM dynamic between people / getting rooted in VSM _ learning… Continue reading Review of the EPT journey done on first day of Denmark meeting

First Day at Friland Meeting

The sixth of the EPT meetings has started today at Friland ecovillage, in Denmark with some 35 participants from Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Slovakia, Finland, Holland, Sweden and Denmark. After the welcoming and presentations we did a group dynamic where we explored what happened in the previous meetings through an… Continue reading First Day at Friland Meeting

EUPC in Bulgaria

Permaculture Ball Rolls Rapidly down to the shores of Lake Batak  In Bulgaria this month, the team of volunteers who are participating in the first-of-its-kind, FREE, year-round PDC have completed a detailed site analysis of this year’s location of the European Permaculture Convergence. The first phase of design, already on its way, has been to… Continue reading EUPC in Bulgaria

Escherode (GE)

During the kick-off gathering in Escherode, Germany, the partners met for the first time. The days were spent with intense discussions about how to come to the results that the Partnership wants to achieve. The decision was taken to use the “Viable Systems Model” as a working structure throughout the EPT-Partnership. A description of this… Continue reading Escherode (GE)

Meetings of the EPT-Partnership

The kick-off gathering took place in Escherode, Germany, in August 2012. At this meeting, the basic foundation of the Partnership and it’s working structure were laid. The 2nd meeting happened 2 months later (October 2012) in Trenta, Slovenia, and focused on the exchange about “Educational Structures”: how do the different partners organize training options in… Continue reading Meetings of the EPT-Partnership

Four new micro-sessions (including videos) from Spain

Pablo has published 4 new posts (both in English and Spanish) about micro-sessions held in Spain, including videos for each! Check them out below, and please help with translating them to the other languages. Micro-teach session: Abundance games Micro-teach session: Basics of Ecology Micro-teach session: Community Supported Agriculture Micro-teach session: Community Resilience

Micro-teach session: Community Resilience

Community Resilience: Exploring how communities can thrive in these challenging times. A summary of a micro teach with Davie Philip – by Andrew Zionts I’m interested in using video tools and media in class plans introducing teaching resilience in PDCs. I’m particularly interested in how we frame the concept of resilience and its importance, framing… Continue reading Micro-teach session: Community Resilience

Micro-teach session: Community Supported Agriculture

Framing a context for a social permaculture of creating livelihood. A summary of a micro teach with Davie by Andrew Zionts. I’ve been largely inspired by Berkana, more information on this can be found at Berkana describes the two loop theory, the first of which is the typical loop of “peak everything” which is… Continue reading Micro-teach session: Community Supported Agriculture

Micro-teach session: Abundance games

This post describes how to teach a game called “Resource Line” (and is a summary of a micro teach session with Mirka by Andrew Zionts at the Barcelona meeting). The lesson plan is as follows: Aims: To discover more about each other’s knowledge and skills. To create more beneficial connections between participants. To explore the… Continue reading Micro-teach session: Abundance games