Pedagogy: How Do We Learn?

Pedagogy |noun The method and practice of teaching. The science and art of education. Its aims range from the full development of the human being to skills acquisition. Problem Based Learning & Place Based Learning Davie Philip has a background in designing and delivering education using active learning methodologies. The needs and expectations of society,… Continue reading Pedagogy: How Do We Learn?

Teaching theory: Accelerated learning

The accelerated learning approachis based on the observation that a holistic learner involvement enhances learning. This means that not just the intellect but the whole person and body are envolved. More precisely, this means not just the survivalist auto-run part of the brain but also the mid part responsible for feelings, emotions and memory as… Continue reading Teaching theory: Accelerated learning

Learning Theory

“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of  experience.“ (David A. Kolb) David A. Kolb states in the context of his experiential learning theory that learning is best conceived as a continuous process that is grounded in experience rather than in terms of outcomes. Contemporary learning theories state that experience and… Continue reading Learning Theory