Danced Massage (an ending or used to change the mood)

Post Massage
Post Massage

Once the group is built, you can invite them to some relaxing activity such as massage.

This one includes some dancing also, so you will need some music and a comfortable place where the students can lie down.

This activity is especially effective when the work has been too focused on the mind.

Split the group in to threes. One of them should lie down, face up, while the other two follow your instructions. Suggest that they start massaging, one to each foot, just moving it gently and softly with the rhythm of nice music. Then the two massagers should move the whole leg, taking care of the knee, not letting it fall or forcing it. Once both legs have been ‘danced’, the massagers should softly leave the leg on the ground and move to the hands. They can do the same with the whole body (arms and head), leaving their mate to rest and recover. When the person on the floor is ready, they can change places with one of the other two in the group and dance again (and repeat).