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spain meeting There is no a National Permaculture Association in Spain where all Spanish Permaculture teachers can merge together. There have been some temptatives of working together, but they haven´t been as inclusive, continued and sinergic as we would expect. Table of contents

Educational System in Spain

So from our learning during the EPT, we have created a google map where every initiative can add their own information, so at least, we can keep an eye on what our colleagues are doing and where. It is available here: Proyectos Educativos de Permacultura en España


Update – How have the Permaculture Educational Structures changed in Spain in the years 2012 – 2014?

Interview with Antonio Scotti, CAMBIUM Spain, May 2014 by Monika Frank The Interest in permaculture has increased; maybe due to a general trend; Spain being in a socially and economically difficult situation for the last few years, many people are searching for other solutions and lifestyles which are encouraged and supported by permaculture. CAMBIUM responded to this higher demand with widening their educational offer; they hold now 3-4 PDCs per year, compared to 2012, where there was only occasional introductory courses. In other parts of Spain and with other organisations (Nodoespiral, PC Cantabria, PC Network Murcia, Mallorca and individual permaculture places) there have always been some offers of PDCs and other course formats. The EPT has provided a guild of teachers, (teachers who met at the meetings and did not know each other before) who work now together. Apart from that, there are foreign teachers which give courses in english (like they do in other countries in Europe as well). A map of where to find Permaculture teachers in Spain has been created. CAMBIUM has learned different approaches to create educational structures, the information exchanged at the meetings is a good base to set up their own structure in Spain. They are not thinking of setting up a pathway to diploma and an accreditation body right now (up to now, their students enroll with systems in other european countries), but the ideas about establishing a diploma-system either for the whole of Spain or regionalwide are underway. As a result of the motivation given by the europeanwide partnership, there will be a spanish-wide pc meeting in 2015 to liaise other working groups which havent been part of EPT.


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