EPT-intro brochure finished!

We are proud to present version 1.0 of our “General Introduction Brochure to the EPT”!

Only 2 weeks after the funding period of the Leonardo Da Vinci-Partnership has ended we proudly present our EPT intro-brochure-brochure!

This brochure provides an overview of the project and contains loads of links to the respective content on the permateachers.eu-website. Hopefully it will be a good starting point for many people to find out more about the EPT Partnership!

Several partners are working on translating this brochure to their countries’ languages to make the project more accessible. These will hopefully be available at the beginning of September. Translations that will definitely be available are:
spanish, finnish, dutch, ukranian, german
If you are interested in translating this to your own language, please get in touch so that we can provide you with the source documents and style guides – or just translate and edit it!

Please note that all URL addresses in the document have been embedded and are not explicitly spelled out, except the main URL for the permateachers.eu web site. When making a printed version for your translation you may want to deviate from this policy and include direct links to material that is translated in your own language.

Please feel free to submit comments and / or corrections. We will consider any feedback for publication in the next version of the document – suggested update frequency is every three months, unless there are no comments.

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  1. Thank you for producing this brochure about the EPTP. It gives some clearness about what has happened during the process. I live in the Netherlands, and here is not much clearness about the EPTP. This is because Leo Bakx is not openly in communication too the rest of the permaculture people, and also the rest of the permaculture teachers in the Netherlands. Now it looks like that “Aardwerk” -from Leo Bakx is the only permacultuurteaching in the Netherlands. We have many more permaculture teachers in the Netherlands – but there is little communication between them, and there is no structure in co-operation between the teachers. So less/ a few people from the Netherlands are informed about the EPTP. And it also looks like the people from the Netherlands, who participated in the EPTP-meetings, were there for their own personal reasons. In other words: they did not take the responsiability to give more permaculture people in the Netherlands the opportunity too get involved and participate. I think the people who go to EPTP -meetings (which were funded!!) have also the responsability too inform the rest of the permaculture teachers and PDC-graduates in the Netherlands. So now we have a big problem in the Netherlands to devellop a (communication) structure, aswell as a organisation structure for a association and/or a permaculture diplomapathway in the Netherlands. So my advice for future EPTP-meetings (especialy when they are funded!!) is to check if the participators from the Netherlands are really permaculture teachers, and are they the right reprecentors as permaculture teachers from the Netherlands. And do they take responsability too inform the other permaculture people in the Netherlands. Soo I hope that more permaculture people from the Nethelands can have some clearness about what the EPTP has to offer. Thank you!!

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