Exploring the Landscape / Identifying Principles


Teaching Principles with Cards Video
Teaching Principles with Cards Video

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session the students will be able to:

  • Get familiarized with permaculture principles
  • Find permaculture principles everywhere
  • Give examples of how permaculture principles can be applied in any design

Duration: 30 min

What is needed?

Just a group of permies, yourself and a place to explore. You can also use cards with the principles. If so, you will need at least one card per person.

This activity is one of the easiest ways of teaching principles through active learning. It is perhaps best to be used right after introducing the design principles (Holmgren or Mollison). Everyone is given a card with at least one principle. The whole group is invited to walk around in silence and in their own, and think about the principle, trying to find it represented in nature. After that, the group meets and shares in a round what they have seen. Then they should be given some more minutes to think about how they can apply these principles to a personal design. They can write it down or share it in a round, depending on the time left.

See a video of a similar session given by Rakesh at the Spain meeting.