Children in Permaculture

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m excited to read about ‘Children in Permaculture’ as we have just formed a new circle here in Germany, too, and aim to make one of our yearly gatherings in May 2015 a first ‘experiential field’ with this focus! I’d be happy to contribute on the European level and also like the idea of applying for funding, quite experienced with that in general – mind you I have just given birth to our second child Flora and our little boy Rubin is only 1.5 years, so my time will be very limited and I’m probably not able to mastermind anything on a reliable basis. Keep in touch anyways and let me know what’s going on! best wishes, Rike

    1. Hi Ulrike,

      Thank you for sharing your interest as well as intentions for May 2015 with us! We would be glad to know about your experiences in Germany as well as it does sound exciting. We understand that you may not be available to fully commit to the funding process of the project yet we appreciate any possible contribution, support and exchange in the future. Please feel free to fill in the form so we can have your contact information and keep in touch. Best of wishes and congratulations on your second child! Gaye

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