Networking Garden

One of the activities we did at the Friland meeting was to create a Networking Garden with links relevant to our work of important organisations, places and people at international and national level.

Networking garden



Eco­villages (LØS), Baltic ecco­villages (BEN), Ø­network (Island­netwpork), Landsforeningen for økologisk byggerei (LØB), Vocational colleges, LAND / PLANT, PAUK ( Transition network


Transition radio (, GEN EUROPE & Germany (gen­, Berlin development network, Urban gardening network (,,, Transition network (, Tiefenökologie (, Deep Ecology), International Degrowth Conference (, ANU (


GEN­Europe, Permaculture association of Bulgaria (soon to be), ASEM,, CSA,
Education permaculture for children, Trinogaba Bulgaria,,, Network of alternative sitesin Bg (,


Irish organic growers, Transition Ireland, Grow it Yourself, FEASTA (Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability –, Celebrating Leadership Network.

Czech Republic:

Perma­network­, ,,,,,, Eco­building­,,,,,, Gengel seeds,, Green bicycle­,, Green shoping­ ,,,,, Green wood­,, Green alternativa­ ,,, Green economics ­,, Trust pro ekonomiku a spolecnost, Educations­ , Waldorf and Montessori schools, Mendelova univerzita, Masarykova univerzita, Karlova univerzita, Transition­ Budapestsky klub v Praze


Agricultura Regenerativa Iberia (, Grup de Repoblament (, Asociación de Comunicación No Violenta (, Xarxa Eco de Tarragona (Xarxa Eco,, Research+degrowth ( Red de Repoblación de Pueblos Abandonados, CIC (Cooperativa Integral Catalana), Plataforma Ibérica Dragon Dreaming (, RIE – Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas (, Fuente de permacultura – La permacultura en habla hispana.


Transition tillvä, Solbyn ecovillage (,, Stockholm Resilience Centre (, Finnish Permaculture Network, Holma forrestgarden (WWW.skogstadgå, Plants Database (


Nature culture, Work that’s, reclaim the, transition Network.


Homo Ecos (ngo), Transition Latvia, Latvian Ecovillage Netvork, Free School Network, (, Dragon dreaming Community


SKEY Finnish ecovillages network (, permaculture Centre (, CSA network (kumppanuusmaataloudet facebook), Art of hosting Soumi, Livonsaari ecovillage (, Nordic Permaculture Network,


www.salto­, xpoolof trainerrsZAD Zone a Defendre, Incredible edible, Transition Towns, West Africa PMK network, Non formal Education

Netherland:, GEN­NL + GEN Europe( TT­Nl (, Dragon Dreaming, Permacultuur school Netherland , Omslag (,  Facebook: praktische permacultuur


Work that reconnects, DO­out­ (learning sustainability from the south), (shields network­ 8, Integral pc academy, deepecologyEcocity builders, ECOLISE Reading on to the EU, Regrarians,, OIKOS International

Pollinating insects: Jillian, Peter Cow, Davie, CAT, Vision Caravan (Facebook VisionCaravaninfo@vision­, L’art du Soleil (


Thanks to Kurt for transcribing this info!

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  1. hi pablo & kurt,
    thanks for putting this online! i repaired / corrected some links for the german network – i guess because of handwriting and so on, not all the links will work, so it might be worth to ask the other countries to double-check their networks!

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