touring-the-gardensTreasure hunt

Aims: To help participants know the area

Conduct a treasure hunt around the town/farm/village/center where the course is held. Hide various objects in important locations such as the closest shop, post office, bank, pharmacy, toilets, showers, swimming pool…  use a map of the area to plan this.

There are lots of different ways of doing this, here is one example:

Raw vegan candies race:

In this type of treasure hunt the task is to make raw vegan candies.

  1. A bowl and a box of dates is handed out and the people take out their stones on the way to the next location
  2. A package of nuts is handed out and the participants are asked to chop and mix them with the dates while they walk to the next location
  3. A plate and a package of coconut flakes is handed out in the third location and the people are asked to start forming small balls from the sweet-nutty dough and roll them in the flakes
  4. A fresh juice is given to the hunters

Once everybody is home again they could start gifting candies and juice to one other.