• Country: The Netherlands
  • Organisation Name: Aardwerk (Key contact: Leo Bakx)
  • Created/ Founded in: 2009
  • Aim: Permaculture is for everyone
  • Objectives: Get professionals as well as general public to embrace and apply permaculture in their daily life
  • Activities: Permaculture Education & Design, Estate Management
  • Members (No. etc.):1-20+ (Leo Bakx with group of volunteers and independent collaborators)
  • Target Group: professionals, youth, adults, seniors

Participants (EPT Meeting Germany)

  • Belinda van der Pool – Green Happiness Academy (2012)
  • Irma Abelskamp – Leerschool Permacultuur Friesland (2009)
  • Monique Wijn – De Godin, eetbaar landschap (2002)
  • Fiona Morris – TTVallei (2010)/ Atelier Rabbit (2012)
  • Leo de Groot – Transition Town Parksjtad (2009)


  • National co-operation(an umbrella platform/network/organisation) to enable social gathering, training of trainers/advanced learning, financial strategies, access to land/ affect land laws.
  • Communication tools (nationally)
    • Newsletter
    • Common website
    • Gatherings
    • Umbrella organisation
    • Common protocol for communication
  • Conflict resolution tools (& finding connections) national level
  • Local group empowerment
  • Communication of diversity
  • Standardisation of certificates
  • Research (effects and results)
  • Collective and clear aims & objectives
  • Educational material in Dutch and for Dutch circumstances
  • International exchange – clarifying and collecting:
    • What’s happening
    • Who is who
    • What is where

Contributions (inc. strengths)

  • (official) Leading publishing of results (website/iBooks/PDFs)
  • (official) Collaborate/lead with Bulgaria to create educational permaculture game (working title: GreenDragons)
  • Diversity of pioneers and organisation (by region and topic)
  • Interactive digital plant database – translated and derived from PFAF database
  • Big, specialised network active on Google Groups and Facebook
  • Many PDCs (± 12 per year) and courses
  • Strong cooperation with Transition Towns movement
  • Many applied projects
  • Contact with universities/ schools/ agricultural colleges and universities
  • Translation NL-EN, EN-NL

Organisation Contacts

Contact Person Website/s Email/s
Leo Bakx;

Work team

Leo de Groot
Belinda vd Pool
Irma Abelskamp
Monique Wijn
Fiona Morris
Fransje de Waard

Silent partners

Martin de Wolff Fontys Lerarenopleiding Tilburg
René Paré MAD emergent art center

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