Pedagogical Resources


  • Freire, Paulo. Education as a practice of freedom
  • Booth Sweeney, Linda, Meadows, Dennis. Systems Thinking Playbook
  • Vygotsky. Zone of Proximal development
  • Rogers, Carl. Student Centred Approach
  • Clayfield, Robin  and Skye. Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively
  • Kohn, Alfie. Punished by Reward
  • Meier, D. The Accelerated Learning Handbook
  • Kroehnert. 100 More Training Games
  • Race and Smith. 500 Tips for Trainers
  • Best, Brin. Accelerated Learning Pocketbook
  • Daines, Daines & Graham. Adult Learning, Adult Teaching
  • Cross, Sue. Adult Teaching & Learning, Developing Your Practice
  • Young, Haas & McGown. Coyote’s Guide
  • Morrow, Rosemary. Earth Users Guide to Permaculture, Teacher’s Notes
  • Brandes, Donna. Gamesters Handbooks (1, 2 and 3)
  • de Bono, Edward. How to have a Beautiful Mind
  • Learning Through Landscapes Trust. Learning Through Landscapes
  • Masheder, Mildred. Let’s Enjoy Nature and Let’s Play Together
  • Living Earth Foundation. Living Earth
  • Mind Gym: Relationships, Wake your mind up and Give me time
  • Diehn et al. Nature Smart
  • Pretty, Jules. Participatory Learning and Action: a Trainer’s Guide
  • Chambers, Robert. Participatory Workshops
  • Aranya, Permaculture Design – a Step by Step Guide
  • Permaculture Association Britain. Permaculture Teacher’s Guide
  • Platts, David Earl. Playful Self Discovery
  • Webster, Ken. Rethink, Refuse, Reduce… 
  • Cameron, Brent. Self Design
  • Webster & Johnson. Sense & Sustainability
  • Covey, Stephen. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Cornell. Sharing Nature with Children
  • Stone, Michael K. Smart by Nature
  • Dimmick, Sally. Successful Communication Through NLP
  • Buzan, Tony. Use Your Head
  •  Gatto, John Taylor. Weapons of Mass Instruction
  • Gravells, Ann. British Qualifications: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector 

Learning Materials

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  1. NLP: please note that Neurolinguistic Programming is the subject of scientific critisism and that the consensus is that NLP is considered pseudo science. Some also qualify NLP as a New Age psycho-religion. You may find value in NLP, but your milage may vary.

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