Permaculture Education in Europe – our work so far

Primary activity “Educational structures”. It samples, presents and discusses the different ways in Europe to proceed to the Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design, but is also looking at other ways of education: courses, students´support and the way organisations are built which provide PC education. what was going on so far: During the meeting in Slovenia october 2012 We gathered questionnaires on educational structures from: Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Canary Islands, Overview of the EDUSTURCT Questionnaire EPT_ We did SWOC-analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Constraints – and Solutions) of the different educational structures, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Constraints and Solutions (PDF) we analysed interactions between the different elements of which the educational structures consist. (document to follow…) A representative of the following countries presented the state-of-the-art of their educational structures. DiplPathway Germany Italian Diploma system French diploma system PortugueseDiplomaSystem nomad permaculture As a further source of information we used:  The European Permaculture Diploma Report 2008.doc, which is partly out of date. Between the meeting in Slovenia and in Spain (september 2013), we gathered more questionnaires from following countries: (…..) and discussed the ways of presenting this information in a way that is attractive to the ones who are seeking PC education. The Trans-border-viability of PC education was discussed widely, therfor, we are concentrating on – cross-linking information about Diploma Holders, Diploma pathways, PDCs and Specialized Courses on the different websites of (national) organizations.

– how to facilitate cross boarder learning.