Portugal Diploma Pathway

PDC as the Starting Point

  • People often have project, that drives them to participate in PDC, then go back to project
  • Other people want to continue their studies. For this, there are “diploma meets.”

Diploma Meets

  • Participants receive feedback on own projects
  • Explanation of Portugese system
  • Currently no registered students, but soon
  • Decision for training: not so much the paper but more the support / focus to their work


  • € 275
  • 2 tutors (one can be virtual)
  • 2 virtual assessments, 2 actual assessments
  • More assessments have to be paid for by students

Virtual Assessment
– Feedback on portfolio

Training Credits
– Obligatory participation, to be able to teach later

Interim Assessment
– Only with 1 tutor (face to face) on 4-5 projects

Final Assessment

  • With both tutors
  • 10 projects

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