Review of the EPT journey done on first day of Denmark meeting

What have we learned or gained together so far?

  • Supporting the Permaculture movement through quality assurance of offered courses.
  • European togetherness.
  • Creating a support network that is flexible to carry out the PA activities.
  • Creating an understanding of the outcomes of the delivery outcomes.
  • VSM dynamic between people / getting rooted in VSM _ learning that it works but takes practice.
  • Social permaculture group facilitation.
  • Creation of new methods – Levels:General:Certificate:Diploma:Further? Masters PHD?
  • The whole is bigger than it’s elements.
  • Diversity put into a compost creates a new culture _ through it’s heat!
  • Learning how to network in an effective way and being confident in that process.
  • Microteaches . learning from each others style.
  • Learning not to try and do too much!

What can the EPT bring to the world – what can we share?

  • Global website and network – keep the website alive and active for worldwide use.
  • Permaculture becoming more mainstream as a result of this and other similar partnerships.
  • How to create community out of complexity.
  • Conflict resolution solutions.
  • To celebrate and manage diversity.