Second Day at Friland Meeting

Karoline and Tycho at Myrrhis, the home they are building by hand according to Permaculture principles

We started with a morning circle where we shared in pairs, how we felt about the day before, and we were also asked to pop-corn inspiring moments about yesterday’s events. The rest of the morning was dedicated to working on the primary activities, where progress has been made in the production of materials for the COMPOST (this website).

After lunch, a visit to Tycho and Karoline’s home (and LAND project) was repeated on behalf of those who didn’t do it yesterday. The first activity right after lunch was a World Café to envisage the future of the European Teacher’s network, with an objective to determine the next achievable steps. The rest of the afternoon continued with work on the primary activities.

After dinner we enjoyed learning traditional Danish folks dances accompanied by violin, thanks to two incredibly patient teachers, circular dances from Israel and Romania, an impromptu, improvised, interpretive music and dance experience accompanied by piano, guitar, drum and violin, and typical food and drinks from several countries, celebrating our diversity.

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