Session Plan Collection from Andy Goldring


Andy Goldring
Andy Goldring

Andy Goldring, UK Permaculture Association, has shared seven lessons plans:

1. Real Wealth and Wiser Money


  • Explain different forms of exchange that make up a local economy
  • Know that there are economic strategies available to help support and develop  local economies
  • Make links between ‘green economy’ approaches and permaculture.
  • Explain that local self-reliance needs a local economy and vica-versa!

2. Design Overview


  • Explain the design process – the sequence in which it unfolds
  • Use and explain techniques such as zoning, sector analysis, sectional elevation and the PASE sheet
  • Get more information about a wide range of additional tools and methods that can be used.

3. Observation Walk and Participant Design Project

Objectives:  Participants:

  • Share knowledge and understandings of permaculture
  • See how other people have applied permaculture thinking

4. Introductions and Expectations

Objectives:  meet other students, get to know the tutors, understand why people have chosen to attend and what the ground rules are.

5. Permaculture Principles


  • Know that there are a number of different sets of principles, and something about their evolution
  • List and explain the 12 Holmgren principles
  • See that there are links between the principles
  • Understand examples of where they have been applied

6. Zoning and Trees


  • Apply zoning concepts at a landscape scale
  • List a variety of tree types and arrangements
  • Explain how trees fit into a zoned landscape and how they fulfil a variety of functions
  • Explain how sector analysis works and apply it to a landscape design example
  • Consider future landscapes

7. An Exercise: What Do I Eat?

Objectives: Identify and evaluate your involvement in and impact on food cycles