Facilitation for smooth group work

Facilitating our process The Process-team both ensured a good flow of the meetings, using a number of techniques, and enabled newcomers to facilitation to learn, practice and improve their skills. Some of the facilitation techniques we used are listed here: Circle Work The first session of each EPT meeting started in circle, this allowed us… Continue reading Facilitation for smooth group work

Our Working Structure: Based on the VSM

Why we use the Viable Systems Model Initially at the kick off meeting of the EPT in Germany (August 2012) the group found great difficulty in deciding how it would work and move forward with delivering the stated outcomes of the Learning Partnership. Davie Philip from Cultivate Ireland suggested using the Viable Systems Model (VSM),… Continue reading Our Working Structure: Based on the VSM


Treasure hunt Aims: To help participants know the area Conduct a treasure hunt around the town/farm/village/center where the course is held. Hide various objects in important locations such as the closest shop, post office, bank, pharmacy, toilets, showers, swimming pool…  use a map of the area to plan this. There are lots of different ways… Continue reading Orientation

Introduction Rounds and Getting to Know One Another

Silhouettes Aims: Getting to know each other and creating a “gallery of heads” together (for decorating the rooms) Numbers: 10-30 participants in pairs Materials: Sheets of paper, cardboard, pencils, scissors, lamps (or candles) After a short introduction, silhouettes are made in pairs; the outline of the head of each person is copied and then cut… Continue reading Introduction Rounds and Getting to Know One Another

Games: Ice-Breakers

Aims: getting to know each other from the first day and remember the names of everybody Numbers: Any Length: 10-30 minutes depending on group size/s Alphabetical name game Place two parallel strips of tape on the floor, one foot apart (or use a nature pattern like the wave). The participants are then asked to stand… Continue reading Games: Ice-Breakers