Društvo za permakulturo Slovenije

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Needs and Yields Analysis on Educational Structures

Needs and Yields Analysis – How could a system be even better? A quick and very resourceful method in permaculture design is the “Needs-Yields Analysis” (or input-output analysis or elements-interactions analysis). It allows to get an idea of what is needed for a system to work and how it could grow even richer. By analyzing… Continue reading Needs and Yields Analysis on Educational Structures

Case study for Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju – Ecological Farm Shushtar (Slovenia)

DATE: 26.03.2013 PROJECT NAME:     Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju [Ecological Farm Shushtar] LOCATION: Hotemaze, Slovenia SIZE: 2 Hectares + 1500H Zone 5 DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 1989 DESIGNER: Primoz Kriselj CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Primoz Kriselj MANAGED BY: Primoz Kriselj CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Primoz Kriselj, primoz.kriselj@siol.net