Primary Activities :: Editing & Publicating :: Results


Publication of results (website, iBooks, PDFs)

  • Leo Bakx (lead) (NL)
  • Domen Zupan (SI)
  • Fransje de Waard (NL)


Share the Wealth!


“Lead publishing of results (websites, iBooks, PDFs)”. As such I have my own team of people assisting me and am on the team “collecting material for teacher’s handbook” lead by Spain.

  •  setting up, maintaining and editing website
  • assisting in videoconferencing
  • assisting in editing materials supplied by partners
  • designing and producing the Teachers Handbook
  • distributing the Teachers Handbook in as iBook and (printable) PDF formats
  • coordinating English translation into Dutch (and vv)


  • coordinating with Spanish collecting & editing team to determine goals and structure for Teachers Handbook
  • wrangling some sample source materials to design a working prototype in iBooks Author.

Communication tool

Web site ; email; skype; google docs

Interested to join the team? email me at