European Permaculture Study Credits Exchange System?

Are you dreaming of learning permaculture as you travel around Europe? Imagine staying at different learning places, experiencing a wide range of climates, cultures and people gathering study credits towards a recognized permaculture certificate, diploma or degree. What about earning credits for your bachelor, master or doctoral degree within the European Credits Transfer System? Could the LAND network be a platform for the accumulation and exchange of study credits?

There are two distinct issues here:
1. connecting the world of official ECTS and permaculture education
2. recognition of study credits between permaculture learning places Continue reading “European Permaculture Study Credits Exchange System?”

A Stranger in a Strange Land: Working Successfully Abroad

With Rico Zook, International  Permaculture Teacher
OCTOBER 23rd – 25th,  2015 (only opportunity in Europe in 2015)

Today many people want to help others to live on our planet in a better way. All over the globe people of the majority world are starting to realize that the industrial model has serious flaws. They’re looking for sustainable and regenerative answers that are culturally and environmentally appropriate. Us in the minority world have the money, time and desire to be of assistance; however, good intentions are not enough.
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Permaculture in Africa

DSCF26515_tnDakar, Senegal – the western-most tip of Africa, and former slave trading post – was home to the Global Ecovillage Network’s international conference December 10 – 14.  There were meetings with the country’s king, spiritual leaders, and musical icon Youssou N’Dour (who is now Senegal’s Minister of Culture and Tourism).  This is because ecovillages (and permaculture) are a strategy of resilience for the country – Transition Towns take note! Continue reading “Permaculture in Africa”

Training opportunities with Aranya and Chris Evans

Briefly before Christmas, 18 participants came together to do a 5 day intensive Training of Permaculture Teachers Course (in short: ToT) in the Ecovillage of Sieben Linden with Aranya and Chris Evans ofDesigned Visions.
After 3 days of input and intense exchange and lots of small group work, everybody of the very diverse group of participants did a microteach on day 4 – wow, what a collection of good sessions on so many interesting topics! This highlight was followed by a Q&A in the evening and a talk by Chris about the Permaculture Network in Nepal and then a final Sauna… before we rounded it off on Friday and most people went home. Continue reading “Training opportunities with Aranya and Chris Evans”

ERASMUS + project Proposal   „Life from soil“

Call for partners!

Contact: Gejza Legen <>

Idea:  Increase of skills and abilities of vulnerable groups of people to be self-dependent,  employable, active   and competitive in their effort – search for sustianable and fruitfull, rewarding life.

Rationale: The trans-national partnership aims to develop and test an innovative, needs tailored, inclusive learning process, based on the creation of activities among project partners and  target groups ( mayors of local municipalities unemployed and vulnerable adults and students) using social entreprices of organic farming and cultivation  in various EU countries, that would enable the development of a certified training course. The project also aims to create methodology, usable video tutors, teaching tools and demonstration activities in order to increase the skills and abilities both the learners and teachers – trainers and local mayors as well. This will enable to establish and run social agricultural entreprices in currently unused land and thus ecourage and create local jobs. Continue reading “ERASMUS + project Proposal   „Life from soil“”

More Action on the North Eastern Front


 by Jillian Hovey

Permaculturalists from the North East of North America recently gathering for their 3rd Annual Retreat.  Our host, Omega Institute for Holistic Living, is located a two-hour (150km) train ride up the Hudson River from New York City.  For decades, this renovated summer camp has been a mecca for people seeking knowledge about alternative living.  Their educational programmes have grown to include permaculture, and the Omega Center for Sustainable Living hosts a month-long “Ecoliteracy Immersion Program” which includes at full PDC.

The 30 participants who came from Maine to Philadelphia had the pleasure of meeting in the world’s first “Living Building”, which treats the campus’ grey and black water with an Eco Machine designed by John Todd (a student of Buckminster Fuller).  The relatively informal meeting was organised by Open Space, and there were interesting sessions and a range of subjects from “business of permaculture”, through to colonialism and oppression, to Zone 00 care.
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North American Permaculture Convergence

by Jillian Hovey, EPT delegate

At the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba this past December, an Open Session group met to discuss a possible “U.S.” convergence. I showed up, as I thought it was important to have the event include Canada, as we are often “eclipsed” by the “Americans”: we are very aware of them, but they often “forget” that we exist (a strong social ecosystem dynamic). A “North American” convergence (which also includes Mexico) was quickly agreed to, and a group of people from the state of Minnesota stepped forward to host it, and the North American Permaculture Convergence was underway. They had about 8 months to pull it off, and August 29 – 31 we met as almost 400 permaculturalists in the American Mid-West. It was the first meeting of its kind in 30 years – the last one took place in 1984!


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Permaculture Council of Europe

EPT was a great success, bringing people together from around Europe, exchanging about culture, education and best practices, making new friends and seeing awesome places. Naturally, the question arises: how can we continue to build our network? Not only within the subject of education but taking care of many more fields of Permaculture.

At the EuPC, we have had several productive meetings about how this wider network can be taken on by the EuPC Council: can the council hold tasks beyond organising the convergences and hosting a website? Can it organise Permaculture European wide, promote political engagement, be the hub of communications for other parts of the world, fundraise and much more?

One of the first steps was that several people stepped up from a number of European countries to become representatives in the European Permaculture Council and to make sure that information between the council and the countries’ networks keeps flowing.
On top of that, there are now 3 working groups within the council:
– A group that coordinates and designs the EuPCs.
– A group that is in charge of the website.

In one of the meetings, we created a first draft for a vision and mission statement:
Vision: We envision a diverse and vibrant Europe grounded in the Ethics of Permaculture.
Mission: We actively support the transition to an ethical and resilient Europe through nurturing an effective Permaculture network with strong connections to the wider society and the world.
So a third group will work on how this vision and mission and the objectives that we worked out in Bulgaria can be put into action.

To start communication about Permaculture on a European level, a new mailinglist has been created.
This is the place where everything from what the European Permaculture Council is working on to practical questions Permaculture and newsbites about the EPT – and everything in between – can be shared.

To join this list, please sign up here:

Nordic Permaculture Festival


The Nordic Permaculture Festival is the biggest permaculture event in the Nordic countries. This year, the fourth festival took place in Friland, Denmark. 150  partcipants joined in presenting projects, doing workshops, connecting, …

Karoline Nolsø Aaen, which was the main organizer of the festival, was smiling enthusiastically. 

“I am very impressed that everyone has been so helpful and everything is successful because so many have lent a hand in the preparations, in the kitchen, holding workshops and giving the festival positive energy.”

We look forward to next years festival in Sweden! Continue reading “Nordic Permaculture Festival”

Advanced Permaculture Design Courses

There has been little debate or even discussion on Advanced Permaculture Design Courses. We see them advertised infrequently and perhaps do not recognise fully their value. As designer of many miles of experience in many different offices of the world and many more variations of projects coming from a professional background in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design lucky enough to mould Permaculture with all these disciplines I specialise in Advanced Design. This is my forte. I recognise it as tremendously valuable for “Permaculture is a Design Philosophy” but where are all the designers. I can imagine that the task of designing any project is often quite daunting. And, in all seriousness it is. From someone who knows the industry inside out, I know it is a daunting task. No matter how big the project is. I have designed many at many differing scales, from small one off kitchen gardens to an 8,000 hectare new city. I enjoy the challenge and revel in it.

I have recognised there is a need right across Europe to develop our design skills and have been invited to offer my skills and experience to lead Advanced Permaculture Design Courses. These may be either a full 7 day course or be more of a Design Workshop of a long weekend. If you feel you would like to be part of these at any level either participating in one, co-teaching or convening please do let me know and we will mutually evolve these needs and serve a growing demand to again advance more real outcomes and models of excellence on the ground. Just remember any idea can involve the exercise of design. Such a project does not necessarily need to be a garden or farm, it could be any subject or project that needs support through vehicles of design. An APDC is also a very valuable follow up course for the standard accredited PDC.

Please go online and comment into the Permaculture College of Europe for this is yet another programme it is supporting or email me directly. Email: or skype me for discussion if you prefer Skype: stevenlawrencehart

Best regards Steve Hart

Permaculture College of Europe

PCofE logoThe Permaculture College of Europe was officially launched at EUPC12 in Batak, Bulgaria July 2014. It was one specific very practical and immediate outcome of the series of EPT Conferences formulated by Leo Bakx and Steve Hart with considerable support from Martin Giannini, Dr Peter Sherwood-Roberts and Dr. Martina Petru. The challenge now is to build on this outcome to evolve it into a very worthwhile and supportive energy right across Europe. The website has evolved and much brainstorming on policy process and programmes is highly active. We invite all members of the entire European Permaculture community to come on this great journey with us. The energy will be mutual as will the outcomes and opportunities. Please do read through all links of the website and offer your comment. It is an evolving tool as nature is teaching us. We will be driving this vehicle for all to be satisfied. Continue reading “Permaculture College of Europe”

NAPC – North American Permaculture Convergence

North America’s first convergence may not have had the flash of a Renaissance Festival, but the content of the presentations and conversations eclipsed even the intermittent thunderstorms and driving rain. Brilliant minds, diplomatic discourse, and energy

by Dan Halsey

The 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence was held at Harmony Park in southern Minnesota, USA. Attendees at the convergence were treated to an early and intense thunderstorm and tornado watch, as is the common practice in Minnesota for any outdoor event in summer. Sunny and fresh cool mornings welcomed everybody to the day’s events (and to dry out their tents).

Harmony Park is an Oak Savannah and wetland in the midst of the upper Midwest agricultural landscape. Just off the Interstate highway, attendees had a 90-minute commute from the airport or train station. Many drove from the coasts and from as far south as Texas. Most all states were represented and even broke off into groups at one point to build regional communication. Continue reading “NAPC – North American Permaculture Convergence”

EPT-intro brochure finished!

We are proud to present version 1.0 of our “General Introduction Brochure to the EPT”!

Only 2 weeks after the funding period of the Leonardo Da Vinci-Partnership has ended we proudly present our EPT intro-brochure-brochure!

This brochure provides an overview of the project and contains loads of links to the respective content on the Hopefully it will be a good starting point for many people to find out more about the EPT Partnership!

Several partners are working on translating this brochure to their countries’ languages to make the project more accessible. These will hopefully be available at the beginning of September. Translations that will definitely be available are:
spanish, finnish, dutch, ukranian, german
If you are interested in translating this to your own language, please get in touch so that we can provide you with the source documents and style guides – or just translate and edit it!

Please note that all URL addresses in the document have been embedded and are not explicitly spelled out, except the main URL for the web site. When making a printed version for your translation you may want to deviate from this policy and include direct links to material that is translated in your own language.

Please feel free to submit comments and / or corrections. We will consider any feedback for publication in the next version of the document – suggested update frequency is every three months, unless there are no comments.



EuroNL_a5_up22Permaculture Learning Action Network

A slow traveling & learning network throughout Europe, building on existing long distance walking trails and permaculture projects. PLAN brings traditional pilgrimage and nomadic permaculture together.

Status: journey of discovery – mapping long distance pathways, accommodations and permaculture projects; identifying gaps in the network as potential places to establish new permaculture projects; building economic capacity to plan and execute the project.

Needed: volunteers, with the option to develop your own livelihood.

Project home: – soon to be announced (Netherlands)

Organisation form: cooperative of network nodes (proposed)

Economic model: Lean Startup

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 09.00.29
Click to download PDF (3Mb)