Kolb’s Learning Styles Model

Permaculture students come from all walks of life and everyone has their own way of receiving and processing the new information, skills and ideas. On Rosemary Morrow’s teacher training courses an essential part of the content is familiarising with Kolb’s  Experiential Learning Theory and the four different styles of how people learn that he’s identified.

Kolb proposed that learning is a combination of both how we approach a task and how we respond to and assimilate the experience. In approaching a task (processing) we have a preference for either doing or watching, and in responding to the experience we have a preference for either feeling or thinking. The combination of these preferences creates four main learning styles.

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VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Some more interesting material by Aranya, with acknowledgements to Victoria Chislett (see contact info at the end of the article). Enjoy!

VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Circle or tick the answer that most represents how you generally behave.

(It’s best to complete the questionnaire before reading the accompanying explanation.)

1. When I operate new equipment I generally:

1. read the instructions first

2. listen to an explanation from someone who has used it before

3. go ahead and have a go, I can figure it out as I use it

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Learning Styles

This workshop led by with Alessandro Ardovini was held on 26 September 2013 at the Barcelona meeting.

Below is a 4 min video of the session in English (shot and edited by Mihail Kossev)