As much of the content of the partnership can be used directly at home when the partners organise and especially the teachers give courses, one major point of evaluation will be the feedback of the students at these courses. The satisfaction of students during and at the courses will be an indicator for the success of the Partnership, especially as these feedbacks will be shared at the Partnership meetings, to evaluate what works and to improve on what didn’t.

The Partnership will provide teachers with tools to monitor the success of the sessions they teach (e.g. methods for feedback at end of sessions and for checking on learning outcomes) and the success of the whole course / training they held (e.g. “entry/exit surveys in form of questionnaires, course review methods,…).

The partners will be able to measure their success in (re-)structuring their educational structures by evaluating the following points:

  • satisfaction of students (by feedback, by increasing numbers of students, by number of completed trainings, etc.)
  • satisfaction of staff members (by monitoring for stress levels, diversity of tasks without overwhelming,…)

After each meeting and especially at the last meeting of the partnership, the participants will evaluate together whether the aims of each meeting and respectively of the whole Partnership have been met.

  • If yes, what are the results?
  • If no, why not? Were there other unintended results?

Here you can see the evaluation from the meeting in Spain in September 2013.

After the partnership, there will be a website and a pdf-brochure which:

  • states the different partners / countries and their educational systems in place
  • if applicable: states, what these partners are concentrating on or are good at
  • states, what the respective partners offer to other organizations (transfer of knowledge, support in setting up structures, advice to teachers, etc.)
  • lists the teachers associated with these partners
  • lists teachers’ core topics / interests
  • states the results of surveys that have been done around courses / trainings during the duration of the partnership

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