Case study for the gASTWERKe Community in Escherode (Germany)

DATE: 25.03.2013IMG_0528_3
LOCATION:    Escherode, Staufenberg; Germany
SIZE: 10 ha
DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED:    Project Start 2008
DESIGNER:    All community members
CLIENT/DEVELOPER:    Intentional community gASTWERKe e.V.
MANAGED BY:  All community members
Forstamtstraße 6
34355 Staufenberg

IMG_0549_3Context – Physical/social historical
In an rural context, ecofarm

Site Analysis/Description – Place/use
Eco-farm, seminar house, intentional community

Project Background and History
Intentional community, started in 2008 as a commune with 21 adults and 10 Children

Design, Development and Decision-Making Process  

Role of Designer(s)  
Different designers visited the project and were asked for advice

Future Issues/Plans:
We want to grow to up to 40 people. Further renovating our premises.

Does your project offer opportunities for volunteering or internships?

IMG_0674_3Does the project welcome visitors or study tours?

Can you offer accommodation to visitors or study tours [at the project or locally]?
Yes – we welcome study tours and we offer regular workshops

Web Sites/Links :

EPT participants feedback on the venue


  • The design of facilities for 300 people for 1 week: compost toilet, peetoilet, kitchen flame (hotpot) field kitchen, showers, sauna, beachbar
  • The power of the people to feel this
  • Nice edge effect to the forest
  • Good community
  • CSA\food production
  • Productive project (food) interactive community
  • Huge runner bean plants in the big greenhouses
  • How to take down a big top tent
  • Nice campsite design
  • Transformation of forestry to permaculture
  • How an intentional community functions at a social level and how they use their resources
  • The arboretum is classic

Could Improve:

  • The camping site more flat
  • Better landscape design
  • Needs people and organization
  • Make the arboretum more accessible
  • Felt excluded from the community but that is to be expected
  • Guided tours of the arboretum