Ghana’s GPI goes for Sustainable Goals

Anyone who has recently followed the development of the Ghana Permaculture Institute knows: the warm-up phase ended long ago, now the game is in full swing and first milestones have been reached. The finish line is in sight: establishing the first Ecovillage as the core of a West African Permaculture-Network. The Institute, moving surely and… Continue reading Ghana’s GPI goes for Sustainable Goals

More Action on the North Eastern Front

 by Jillian Hovey Permaculturalists from the North East of North America recently gathering for their 3rd Annual Retreat.  Our host, Omega Institute for Holistic Living, is located a two-hour (150km) train ride up the Hudson River from New York City.  For decades, this renovated summer camp has been a mecca for people seeking knowledge about… Continue reading More Action on the North Eastern Front

Weeds or Wisdom? Latvian Eco-Health Farmers on the Road to Resilience

by Guntra A. Aistara, Central European University July 4, 2014 Condensed summary of chapter published in Environmental Anthropology Engaging Ecotopian Imaginaries: Bioregionalism, Permaculture, and Ecovillages for a Sustainable Future, Berghahn Books, 2013. On a tour of organic farms in Austria in 2006, one farmer proudly showed off her raised garden beds brimming with a diversity… Continue reading Weeds or Wisdom? Latvian Eco-Health Farmers on the Road to Resilience

Strategies to Widen Participation : Survey Results

For this small survey, responses were given by only eight EPT partner countries (ES, GE, FR, BG, SLO, CZ, NL), whose educational activities are conducted in more than 17 countries in Europe and other parts of the world. Spain is exceptional in this case with reaching people in 4 continents through on-line teaching. Educational activities… Continue reading Strategies to Widen Participation : Survey Results

Widening Participation

Permaculture education should be accessible to everyone, if we – Permaculture teachers – are aiming to steer the whole society to a new way of thinking and acting in the near future. Therefore it is a big question and a real challenge: “How to reach out to as many diverse groups of society as possible?”.… Continue reading Widening Participation

Widening Participation – Online Education

Part of the Widening Participation Series: European Permaculture Teachers Partnership – Friland Ecovillage, Denmark, 29 May 2014. Contributed by Katka Hora, Czech Republic A short video with a presentation of the skype conference can be found below

Widening Participation – Refugees

In this session, we reflected on the growing group of refugees coming to Europe as a possible target group for permaculture activities.  Why are refugees important? Refugees are a growing group due to ecological, social, political issues and climate change. The western ‘dream’ is causing instability and refugees’ instability in southern countries and as consequence… Continue reading Widening Participation – Refugees

Widening Participation – Course Formats

When designing a Permaculture course we have to consider many aspects, one of the most crucial being “Widening Participation”. The main consideration is our target market. Different target groups will require a differently formatted course. Mentally and physically challenged students may need different approaches and the use of different pedagogies. People also learn in different… Continue reading Widening Participation – Course Formats

Widening Participation – Free Open Workshops

STRATEGY: Free Open Workshops During the 6th EPT meeting in Friland (Denmark) we had a work session on the topic of widening participation, exploring strategies to reach different target groups in permaculture education. Below is a summary of the work done under the strategy “Free open workshops”.

Widening Participation – Permaculture for Disabled

People Care is one of the ground pillars for Permaculture and we aim to reach out to everybody in society. A survery among Permaculture teachers in Europe revealed that disabled people are currently not involved or participating in courses. So how do we reach out to them? One way is to approach them personally, but… Continue reading Widening Participation – Permaculture for Disabled

Widening Participation – “Suit and Tie”

The session started with some words from Leo Bakx about his strategy on how to get wealthy people inspired by Permaculture. The conversation continued with Steve Hart, Mihaela (Mischa) Tsarchinska, Martin Giannini, Tanja Korvenmaa, Antonio Scotti, Sarah Daum and Pontus Dowchan. Why is it important to bring Permaculture awareness to wealthy people? The access to… Continue reading Widening Participation – “Suit and Tie”

EUPC in Bulgaria

Permaculture Ball Rolls Rapidly down to the shores of Lake Batak  In Bulgaria this month, the team of volunteers who are participating in the first-of-its-kind, FREE, year-round PDC have completed a detailed site analysis of this year’s location of the European Permaculture Convergence. The first phase of design, already on its way, has been to… Continue reading EUPC in Bulgaria

PLANT – Follow-Up to EPT

PLANT stands for Permaculture Learning Action Networking & Training. It wants to be the extension of the UK LAND project to the European Continent. In April 2014, an application was submitted to the ERASMUS+ EU funding scheme in order to pursue this objective. Here you can find a summary of the PLANT application: Permaculture is… Continue reading PLANT – Follow-Up to EPT

Permaculture for Millionaires

(PDC given by Bill Mollison in 1981, Transcript) (Comments in first transcript by Dan Hemenway (D.H.), in second transcript by Thomas Fischbacher (T.F.)) Permaculture for Millionaires[1] I am going to give you an anecdote. When I was in Toronto at the Futures Conference, one thing I discovered was that the people critically interested in futures… Continue reading Permaculture for Millionaires