Davie Phillip

The name of your business: Web page link: http://www.cultivate.ie http://www.thevillage.ie Contact info: davie [at] cultivate.ie     What is your Livelihood? Your role? It’s a difficult question to answer, I have many roles and many streams of livelihood. As a portofolio worker, engaging in many fields, I haven’t been employed for twenty years but has always… Continue reading Davie Phillip

Rakesh (Rootsman Rak)

The name of your business: Ecological Designs Web page link: http://www.ecologicaldesigns.co.uk/ Contact: through webpage     What is your Livelihood? Your role? My main focus has been as a designer, facilitator and teacher. I facilitate Permaculture design and ecology, getting more and more involved in the social Permaculture to enhance my own capacity in this area. I’m… Continue reading Rakesh (Rootsman Rak)

Right Livelihood

The term “Right Livelihood” originates in Buddhism and means that practitioners ought not to engage in trades or occupations which, either directly or indirectly, result in harm for other living beings. This is in line with the Permaculture ethics and in 1981, Bill Mollison was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for his work on Permaculture.… Continue reading Right Livelihood