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Design Course Exercise: What do I eat?

In this exercise, which can be used in a PDC, students try to identify and evaluate their involvement in and impact on food cycles. After evaluating the impacts, students are asked to implement an action plan to reduce the food consumption and sourcing from sustainable sources. The full description of the exercise can be dowloaded […]

Curriculum Teacher's Manual Themes Zone 00

Zone 00 – Breathe

Klara Hansson presented a technique for breathing that will keep you healthy, balanced and focused. The technique is to first breathe deeply into the stomach, then fill the middle area around the ribs with air and finally breathe into the top area of your lungs by moving shoulders and head backward to open the chest […]

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(Español) Apuntes Curso Diseño en Permacultura

Casa Gaia-Ecoherencia, Cádiz 2011-2012 Aquí tenéis un resumen de los apuntes del I Curso de Diseño Modular de Permacultura en Cádiz (2011-12), organizado por Casa Gaia y Ecoherencia. El contenido es una visión personal de lo esencial del curso, redactado por alumnos. Este es el resultado de un ingenioso trueque que nos funcionó bastante bien. […]

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Teaching Climate in a Participative and Informal Way

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