Case study for Ecocamping Batak in Tsigov Chark (Bulgaria)

DATE:    21.07.2014 PROJECT NAME: Eco Camping Batak LOCATION: Batak, Bulgaria SIZE: 7500m2 DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 2011 DESIGNER: Christo Simonow CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Christo Simonow MANAGED BY: Christo Simonow CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Christo Simonow Context – Physical/social historical Ecological Camping Site on a resort area near a lake built in the 50’s. Before the 50’s this land was… Continue reading Case study for Ecocamping Batak in Tsigov Chark (Bulgaria)

Case study for Friland (Denmark)

DATE:    27.05.2014 PROJECT NAME: Friland Eco Village LOCATION: Denmark, Friland SIZE: 10 hectares, 105 people (75 adults, 30 children), DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 2002 DESIGNER: Steen Moeller and others CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Friland community MANAGED BY: Community of Friland CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: (Catherine, Tove, Tycho, Karoline)

Questionnaire for case studies

Here  you find  the questionnaire created by the Good practice primary activity group of the EPT, that has been filled in by the sites or organisations that have hosted EPT meetings. You can browse the case studies here: Gastwerke in Escherode (Germany) Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju in Hotemaze (Slovenia) Quinta do Vale da Lama in Odiáxere… Continue reading Questionnaire for case studies

Best Practice in Permaculture

In this primary activity group (of the Partnership) we focus on the presentation of Permaculture projects visited during the learning partnership. We interviewed representatives of each project on the basis of a questionnaire we prepared, and we collected feedback from participants of the learning partnership. This gives an overview of applied Permaculture design in seven… Continue reading Best Practice in Permaculture

Case study for Mas Franch (Spain)

DATE: 26/09/2013 PROJECT NAME: Mas Franch LOCATION: St. Feliu Pallerols (Girona) SIZE: 2 ha DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 2007 DESIGNER: Mas Franch Collective CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Mas Franch MANAGED BY: managed by the collective. Richard Wade as tutor CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION:

Case study for the gASTWERKe Community in Escherode (Germany)

DATE: 25.03.2013 PROJECT NAME: gASTWERKe e.V. LOCATION:    Escherode, Staufenberg; Germany SIZE: 10 ha DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED:    Project Start 2008 DESIGNER:    All community members CLIENT/DEVELOPER:    Intentional community gASTWERKe e.V. MANAGED BY:  All community members CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Gastwerke Forstamtstraße 6 34355 Staufenberg Germany

Case study for Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju – Ecological Farm Shushtar (Slovenia)

DATE: 26.03.2013 PROJECT NAME:     Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju [Ecological Farm Shushtar] LOCATION: Hotemaze, Slovenia SIZE: 2 Hectares + 1500H Zone 5 DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 1989 DESIGNER: Primoz Kriselj CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Primoz Kriselj MANAGED BY: Primoz Kriselj CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Primoz Kriselj,

Case study for the Permaculture Center Vale da Lama (Portugal)

DATE: February 14th 2014 PROJECT NAME: Quinta do Vale da Lama LOCATION: Vale da Lama, Odeáxere, Lagos, PORTUGAL SIZE: 43ha DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: all site design not yet complete DESIGNERS: Walt Ludwick, Nita Barroca, Xana Piteira, Ana Marreiro, André Carvalho, Maria Rute Costa, Patricia Russo Pereira, Sandra Peixoto, Gonçalo Teixeira, Rita Domingues, António CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Walt Ludwick… Continue reading Case study for the Permaculture Center Vale da Lama (Portugal)