Case study for Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju – Ecological Farm Shushtar (Slovenia)

DATE: 26.03.2013 PROJECT NAME:     Ekokmetija Pri Sustarju [Ecological Farm Shushtar] LOCATION: Hotemaze, Slovenia SIZE: 2 Hectares + 1500H Zone 5 DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 1989 DESIGNER: Primoz Kriselj CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Primoz Kriselj MANAGED BY: Primoz Kriselj CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Primoz Kriselj,

Educational Structures

The objectives of the Educational Structures group are: To share information about various national permaculture education systems and qualifications frameworks; To establish a pan-European network of permaculture teachers and organisations; To mutually support the national organisations to form networks to set up or improve their educational systems and structures; To support in developing organisational structures… Continue reading Educational Structures

The Slovenia Meeting

The meeting buzzing with busy permanent teachers. We have been through a journey together. We have discussed educational structures in Europe, teaching methods, manual and content, web and databases, values, communication, organization etc etc. This is the fourth day in the beautiful mountains of northern Slovenia. Like the peaks stretching up into the sky, extending… Continue reading The Slovenia Meeting

EPT2 :: European Permaculture Education Structures

Sorry the virtual conference isn’t happening like we intended to. Life happens and plans change. We made a good start. Great meeting of minds; all these wonderful people from all over Europe and then some 😉 In the coming days we will publish pictures and sound recordings, possibly some video of presentations too. Also notes… Continue reading EPT2 :: European Permaculture Education Structures

EPT2: Slovenia – Education Structures

Second EPT Meeting in Trenta, Slovenia: 22-25 October 2012 European Permaculture Education Structures is the main theme of this meeting. Permaculture teachers and education organisers of more then 14 European countries participate in a partnership (co-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme) to explore sustainable ways to share knowledge. Offering professional development to permaculture teachers… Continue reading EPT2: Slovenia – Education Structures