Danced Massage (an ending or used to change the mood)

Once the group is built, you can invite them to some relaxing activity such as massage. This one includes some dancing also, so you will need some music and a comfortable place where the students can lie down. This activity is especially effective when the work has been too focused on the mind. Split the… Continue reading Danced Massage (an ending or used to change the mood)

Session Plan Collection from Monika Frank

Monika Frank, France, has shared some lessons plans: 1. Design Process and Elements of Permaculture Design A 90 minute session Objectives: Know different steps in design cycle / process Know why it is important to follow a design process and that it is cyclical Get the idea that permaculture design does not only mean planning a… Continue reading Session Plan Collection from Monika Frank

Micro-teach session: Abundance games

This post describes how to teach a game called “Resource Line” (and is a summary of a micro teach session with Mirka by Andrew Zionts at the Barcelona meeting). The lesson plan is as follows: Aims: To discover more about each other’s knowledge and skills. To create more beneficial connections between participants. To explore the… Continue reading Micro-teach session: Abundance games


Treasure hunt Aims: To help participants know the area Conduct a treasure hunt around the town/farm/village/center where the course is held. Hide various objects in important locations such as the closest shop, post office, bank, pharmacy, toilets, showers, swimming pool…  use a map of the area to plan this. There are lots of different ways… Continue reading Orientation

Introduction Rounds and Getting to Know One Another

Silhouettes Aims: Getting to know each other and creating a “gallery of heads” together (for decorating the rooms) Numbers: 10-30 participants in pairs Materials: Sheets of paper, cardboard, pencils, scissors, lamps (or candles) After a short introduction, silhouettes are made in pairs; the outline of the head of each person is copied and then cut… Continue reading Introduction Rounds and Getting to Know One Another

Games: Ice-Breakers

Aims: getting to know each other from the first day and remember the names of everybody Numbers: Any Length: 10-30 minutes depending on group size/s Alphabetical name game Place two parallel strips of tape on the floor, one foot apart (or use a nature pattern like the wave). The participants are then asked to stand… Continue reading Games: Ice-Breakers