Pedagogical Resources

Books Freire, Paulo. Education as a practice of freedom Booth Sweeney, Linda, Meadows, Dennis. Systems Thinking Playbook Vygotsky. Zone of Proximal development Rogers, Carl. Student Centred Approach Clayfield, Robin  and Skye. Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively

Permaculture’s Rebirth and Renaissance from the Potential Collapse Dance

by Steve Hart, Ecology Architecture The generational patterns of Permaculture’s evolution is becoming more and more evident through what I perceive as a collapse in standards. How do I arrive at this thinking? As Jan Fischer says: “I was a lucky one of the first generation of students and activists.” I had the privilege of… Continue reading Permaculture’s Rebirth and Renaissance from the Potential Collapse Dance

Global Permaculture Opportunities

Spira Svendsen from Norway has compiled a list of permaculture opportunities worldwide.  She writes: I was curious of what permaculture education opportunities there are other than the PDC, and have spent some time researching and compiling lists of education providers and perma projects offering interesting internships worldwide. As far as I know, this is the… Continue reading Global Permaculture Opportunities

What is going on in the Permaculture Network in Germany!?

By Sandra Campe For about 6 years now, we are having 4 main networking and action learning meetings a year: one in each season. The first in the year happens in February, the “winter meeting”. This is really a networking meeting with project presentations, open space time, discussions, games,… In spring, the meeting happens around Ascension… Continue reading What is going on in the Permaculture Network in Germany!?

Journey of the Latvian Permaculture Association

By: Arturs Polis, Co-founder of the Latvian Permaculture Association Despite the fact that the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership never got accepted by the Latvian National agency, thus leaving Latvia (and Italy) out of the project, Latvian permaculturists have been working since then and are ready to share the common journey now. There were only 4 PDC holders in… Continue reading Journey of the Latvian Permaculture Association

Other Manuals

Bell, G. Permaculture Design Course Handbook. Garden Cottage, Scotland File (PDF): PDC Handbook Francis, R. Permaculture Design Course Handbook. Permaculture Education (AU). APT™ Cert III & IV. File (PDF): PDC Handbook Pitman, S. PDC-Outline. Permaculture Institute (US). With literature and resource listings. File (PDF): PDC-Outline Solomon, V.  Accredited Permaculture Training Reaccreditation document. Permaculture International Limited (AU). With detailed descriptions of compentencies… Continue reading Other Manuals

Places of Learning

Links to places of learning, schools, teachers around Europe. Listings are for information only and are not intended as endorsement by the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership. New School Permaculture Permaculture basics with a strong emphasis on community development and New Age philosophy – by Helder Valente (Portugal) Nodo Espiral Permaculture Science Integral permaculture – online… Continue reading Places of Learning

Empowered Fundraising

Shared by Kipper: Fact Sheet Number 8:  Empowered Fundraising: Radical Generosity – the Power of Philanthropy to Change the World, By John Croft and Dot Green Tuesday, 27 May 2008 Introduction to Demystifying Money Empowered Fundraising is about transforming people’s relationship with money.  Empowered fundraising is a means of creating opportunities for people to engage… Continue reading Empowered Fundraising