College: organized group of professional people

Sarcophagus_of_the_brother_MAN_Napoli_Inv6603_n01college |ˈkälij|

An organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges : [in names ] the electoral college.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, from Latin collegium ‘partnership, association,’ from collega ‘partner in office,’ from col– ‘together with’ + legare ‘depute.’

elementsIn the context of the Permaculture College of Europe, the word college means a group of professional permaculture teachers, working cooperatively to promote professional development and assisting the community of permaculture teachers to improve and excel in the field of teaching and learning permanent innovation and development on the human scale and according to the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share (setting limits to population and consumption and regenerating the earth).

The Permaculture College of Europe

by Steve Hart, July 2014

PCofE logoThe idea of The Permaculture College of Europe was born from discussions of objectivity  from the first series of EPT Conferences. It was recognised as a value in developing a facility that could function to serve the key future developments of Permaculture Education throughout Europe. This is but one tool in the structural tool box and as an excellent outcome to evolve the tremendous efforts created from the EPT series.  Continue reading “The Permaculture College of Europe”

Permaculture’s Rebirth and Renaissance from the Potential Collapse Dance

permie-studentsby Steve Hart, Ecology Architecture

The generational patterns of Permaculture’s evolution is becoming more and more evident through what I perceive as a collapse in standards. How do I arrive at this thinking? As Jan Fischer says: “I was a lucky one of the first generation of students and activists.” I had the privilege of working alongside the founders and walking the pathway of the high standards that were set. I also supported these standards in recognising they were critical in evolving the world of Permaculture into higher levels of academia and professionalism. As an Ecology Architect working in professional offices this attitude was reinforced through all aspects of my professional daily life.

Continue reading “Permaculture’s Rebirth and Renaissance from the Potential Collapse Dance”