Micro-teach session: Community Supported Agriculture

Framing a context for a social permaculture of creating livelihood. A summary of a micro teach with Davie by Andrew Zionts.

I’ve been largely inspired by Berkana, more information on this can be found at www.berkana.org. Berkana describes the two loop theory, the first of which is the typical loop of “peak everything” which is the curve of exponential growth, peaking and leading to sudden decline.

We can look at different ways to approach this loop, do we continue growing towards infinity? Do we stabilize with green technology? Do we try to apply permaculture principals to slow the decline? Or the fourth option, do we just collapse? The second loop is an upswing from the first, connecting, nourishing, and illuminating possibilities for growth.

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Micro-teach session: Abundance games

This post describes how to teach a game called “Resource Line” (and is a summary of a micro teach session with Mirka by Andrew Zionts at the Barcelona meeting).

The lesson plan is as follows:


  • To discover more about each other’s knowledge and skills.
  • To create more beneficial connections between participants.
  • To explore the abundance paradigm.
  • To build community.

Useful for adults.

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