Teacher Resources: Course Checklist and Participant Questionnaire

A prepared teacher is a happy teacher
A prepared teacher is a happy teacher

Teachers, designing and preparing a course, may find these resources helpful:

Andy Goldring, UK, shares a Checklist for things to prepare / think about for a course (download the PDF), including:

  • Audio / Visual / IT
  • Library & Information
  • Materials & Resources
  • Venue Checklist
  • Personal Stuff
  • Course-Specific
  • Convenor Job Description

Cultivate in Ireland issue a questionnaire (or ‘Training Needs Assessment‘) to participants in order to help facilitate and provide for their needs.  Download the Word doc that has a protected form.  Go to Tools / Unprotect to make it your own.   Protect it again as a ‘form’ so that  your participants only add data.