A Stranger in a Strange Land: Working Successfully Abroad

With Rico Zook, International  Permaculture Teacher
OCTOBER 23rd – 25th,  2015 (only opportunity in Europe in 2015)

Today many people want to help others to live on our planet in a better way. All over the globe people of the majority world are starting to realize that the industrial model has serious flaws. They’re looking for sustainable and regenerative answers that are culturally and environmentally appropriate. Us in the minority world have the money, time and desire to be of assistance; however, good intentions are not enough.

While it is easy to travel these days, it is not easy to do itinerant work successfully. In fact, it is just as likely that one will cause more problems rather then providing solutions.

This short course is a comprehensive introduction to the many aspects of integrating permaculture abroad in a complex and changing world. From the ethical foundations to the practical steps for working internationally, this course will cover all the diverse and subtle aspects of doing itinerant work successfully.

It will prepare one to start the site-specific work with your self in preparation for itinerant permaculture work. We all need to be part of the solution. After this course you will start building your own pathway to being the solution our world is in need of today.

This course will provide you with the understandings to navigate the itinerant landscape, as well as the tools to start moving from intention to reality.

No previous permaculture training is necessary to take part to this course

79€ till September 20th,  90€ afterwards. Registration deadline: October 9th.
Limited number of participants accepted

Information & Registrations
For more info or to register please write to cursos AT permacultura-es DOT org
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Course Venue: The course will take place in the NGOs Federation premises, Lafede.cat – Organitzacions per a la Justícia Global* C. Tàpies, 1-3, 08001 Barcelona.
Right in Barcelona city center!!!