aardwerk-a-150pWebsite: http://aardwerk.org

Founded: 2009, sole trader, converting to co-operative association limited

Members: 1

Aims and Objectives: school for education professionals in sustainable development (e.g.: permaculture teachers, but also cleaners, cooks, administrators, developers and researchers; EQF 4-8 vocational to PhD level)

Target Groups: age 17+ with ambition to work in sustainable development education

Work Focus: training teachers; developing innovative education

Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities (PDF)

Questionnaire on Structures of Permaculture Education 2012 (PDF)

Courses & Diploma Pathways

  • The main course is a full-time four year course (two year course for Masters and PhD students)
  • The school accepts students, interns and young professionals to participate in all activities. The school is run and organised as a co-operative, using the sociacratic circle model and decision by consent. All students, staff and interns are members of the co-operative
  • Primary production is an integrated element of the education enabling the school to run as much as possible as a self-sufficient learning community
  • Permaculture Design Courses: integrated into curriculum; offered separately in Summer School format (two weeks)
  • Diploma Pathway: integrated into curriculum (two years minimum)

This school has an integrated approach to permaculture education offering certificates and diploma’s based on individual profiles of knowing, doing and being.

  • Spezialised Courses: offered separately in Summer School / Winter School format (one or two weeks)

Teachers & Trainees

Course director and teacher: Leo Bakx
Partners: Steve Hart, Martin Giannini
Guest teachers through Dutch and International network
Current trainees/interns (2014): Irene Mouthaan and Zeynep Vural

EPT Participants

  • Leo Bakx
  • Belinda van der Pool
  • Monique Wijn
  • Irene Mouthaan
  • Leo de Groot
  • Irma Abelskamp
  • Fiona Morris
  • Arjan de Vries
  • Rakesh
  • Fransjan de Waard
  • Clair Blair