Cooperation and Communication

The German Permakultur Akademie will undertake the role of the overall coordinator for this Partnership. The other partners distributed the coordination of tasks to achieve the specific objectives and results of the Partnership. Much of the work will be done face-to-face during the 6 meetings which are planned over the course of the two years.

During preparation for this application we based our cooperation and communication on:

  • E-mail and mailing list correspondence
  • Online document sharing and collaboration using collections in Google documents
  • Online voting and and meeting scheduling
  • Skype conference calls

We will continue to use the above methods and also upgrade our cooperation and communication with the following:

  • At meetings:
    • Knowledge and experience sharing tools and methods such as:
      • World Cafe
      • Open Space
      • Focus Groups
    • Livestream of / Skype participation in most interesting parts where technically available
    • Video recording of and interviews at meetings to later produce short documentaries
  • In between meetings:
    • Distribution of a regular newsletter to support information flow among European teachers, compiling outcomes of meetings as well as activities of partners following meetings (including short evaluations and learning outcomes)
    • Creating an Open Source library of teaching methods and structures and, if possible:
    • setting up an online permaculture education journal with peer reviewed articles.

All these tools will also offer a strong support at dissemination of the results of the Partnership.