Bulgarian – Educational Structures

Permaculture educational structures in Bulgaria

Commented by Mihael Kossev, 16.10.2012 (via mail)

The situation of permaculture education in Bulgaria is quite particular. There is

no regulation or system. It is even difficult for the core group of people to meet,

because many of them have outside jobs, families, etc. There is also other methods

such at Biodynamics and Anastasia communes that are mixing with permaculture

methods… This is all good, but it is difficult for us to fill out your questionnaire, or

come up with any expectations for the meeting in Slovenia still.

We are still in an observational phase among the teachers in Bulgaria. Many people

have been trained and experienced abroad, but they are not making permaculture

their main focus professionally (as far as I can tell, I am the only one)… and we

would find it much more beneficial to listen to representatives of other countries

about how they are structuring permaculture education at home, before we tell

about our own structure (because right now we don’t have one)

One of our goals for the Slovenia meeting is too see what everyone else is

doing and evaluate how we can apply this to us. We want our role to be more

observational right now, than active. Hopefully, by Februrary in Portugal, we will

have some more structure and can show some examples of what is being done


Overall, I feel as though any information I put into the questionnaire would

be inaccurate without some more communication internally between other

Bulgarian practitioners and this has not yet happened. I’m sorry for this. I hope

this email is helpful to your evaluation however, since currently, I can vouch for a

status “unknown” here in BG.