More Action on the North Eastern Front

 by Jillian Hovey Permaculturalists from the North East of North America recently gathering for their 3rd Annual Retreat.  Our host, Omega Institute for Holistic Living, is located a two-hour (150km) train ride up the Hudson River from New York City.  For decades, this renovated summer camp has been a mecca for people seeking knowledge about… Continue reading More Action on the North Eastern Front

North American Permaculture Convergence

by Jillian Hovey, EPT delegate At the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba this past December, an Open Session group met to discuss a possible “U.S.” convergence. I showed up, as I thought it was important to have the event include Canada, as we are often “eclipsed” by the “Americans”: we are very aware of them,… Continue reading North American Permaculture Convergence

Nordic Permaculture Festival

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is the biggest permaculture event in the Nordic countries. This year, the fourth festival took place in Friland, Denmark. 150  partcipants joined in presenting projects, doing workshops, connecting, …Karoline Nolsø Aaen, which was the main organizer of the festival, was smiling enthusiastically. “I am very impressed that everyone has been so helpful… Continue reading Nordic Permaculture Festival

Advanced Permaculture Design Courses

There has been little debate or even discussion on Advanced Permaculture Design Courses. We see them advertised infrequently and perhaps do not recognise fully their value. As designer of many miles of experience in many different offices of the world and many more variations of projects coming from a professional background in Architecture, Landscape Architecture… Continue reading Advanced Permaculture Design Courses

Permaculture College of Europe

The Permaculture College of Europe was officially launched at EUPC12 in Batak, Bulgaria July 2014. It was one specific very practical and immediate outcome of the series of EPT Conferences formulated by Leo Bakx and Steve Hart with considerable support from Martin Giannini, Dr Peter Sherwood-Roberts and Dr. Martina Petru. The challenge now is to build on this outcome to… Continue reading Permaculture College of Europe

The Permaculture College of Europe

by Steve Hart, July 2014 The idea of The Permaculture College of Europe was born from discussions of objectivity  from the first series of EPT Conferences. It was recognised as a value in developing a facility that could function to serve the key future developments of Permaculture Education throughout Europe. This is but one tool in the structural tool box… Continue reading The Permaculture College of Europe

Federation or Foundation, Society or Cooperative?

By Steve Hart, July 2014 At EPT 6 in Denmark there was a strong feeling among many that a “Federation” become the vehicle to support future needs, strategies and developments desired to flow on from the EPT energy. My personal discussions of such structures has been a response to views commented on over the past… Continue reading Federation or Foundation, Society or Cooperative?

Networking Garden

One of the activities we did at the Friland meeting was to create a Networking Garden with links relevant to our work of important organisations, places and people at international and national level. NATIONAL LEVEL Denmark: Eco­villages (LØS), Baltic ecco­villages (BEN), Ø­network (Island­netwpork), Landsforeningen for økologisk byggerei (LØB), Vocational colleges, LAND / PLANT, PAUK ( Transition… Continue reading Networking Garden

Third Day at Friland Meeting

Like every morning, we formed the opening circle to start off the day, where everyone shared something learned the day before. The morning was dedicated to working on widening participation when designing permaculture courses. The aim is to reach different audiences that are not usually represented in permaculture courses. The topics were chosen from a… Continue reading Third Day at Friland Meeting

Extract from the EPT Midterm Report: specific results & challenges

This is an extract from the midterm report that all partners had to hand in to their respective NAs before june 30th 2013. The full report can be downloaded from here. Concrete results have been Escherode (Germany) August 1-7, 2012: We spread information about the Partnership to newcomers and on the newly established website:… Continue reading Extract from the EPT Midterm Report: specific results & challenges

Review of the EPT journey done on first day of Denmark meeting

What have we learned or gained together so far? Supporting the Permaculture movement through quality assurance of offered courses. European togetherness. Creating a support network that is flexible to carry out the PA activities. Creating an understanding of the outcomes of the delivery outcomes. VSM dynamic between people / getting rooted in VSM _ learning… Continue reading Review of the EPT journey done on first day of Denmark meeting

First Day at Friland Meeting

The sixth of the EPT meetings has started today at Friland ecovillage, in Denmark with some 35 participants from Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Slovakia, Finland, Holland, Sweden and Denmark. After the welcoming and presentations we did a group dynamic where we explored what happened in the previous meetings through an… Continue reading First Day at Friland Meeting

Global Permaculture Opportunities

Spira Svendsen from Norway has compiled a list of permaculture opportunities worldwide.  She writes: I was curious of what permaculture education opportunities there are other than the PDC, and have spent some time researching and compiling lists of education providers and perma projects offering interesting internships worldwide. As far as I know, this is the… Continue reading Global Permaculture Opportunities

What is going on in the Permaculture Network in Germany!?

By Sandra Campe For about 6 years now, we are having 4 main networking and action learning meetings a year: one in each season. The first in the year happens in February, the “winter meeting”. This is really a networking meeting with project presentations, open space time, discussions, games,… In spring, the meeting happens around Ascension… Continue reading What is going on in the Permaculture Network in Germany!?

Journey of the Latvian Permaculture Association

By: Arturs Polis, Co-founder of the Latvian Permaculture Association Despite the fact that the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership never got accepted by the Latvian National agency, thus leaving Latvia (and Italy) out of the project, Latvian permaculturists have been working since then and are ready to share the common journey now. There were only 4 PDC holders in… Continue reading Journey of the Latvian Permaculture Association

EUPC in Bulgaria

Permaculture Ball Rolls Rapidly down to the shores of Lake Batak  In Bulgaria this month, the team of volunteers who are participating in the first-of-its-kind, FREE, year-round PDC have completed a detailed site analysis of this year’s location of the European Permaculture Convergence. The first phase of design, already on its way, has been to… Continue reading EUPC in Bulgaria

PLANT – Follow-Up to EPT

PLANT stands for Permaculture Learning Action Networking & Training. It wants to be the extension of the UK LAND project to the European Continent. In April 2014, an application was submitted to the ERASMUS+ EU funding scheme in order to pursue this objective. Here you can find a summary of the PLANT application: Permaculture is… Continue reading PLANT – Follow-Up to EPT

Four new micro-sessions (including videos) from Spain

Pablo has published 4 new posts (both in English and Spanish) about micro-sessions held in Spain, including videos for each! Check them out below, and please help with translating them to the other languages. Micro-teach session: Abundance games Micro-teach session: Basics of Ecology Micro-teach session: Community Supported Agriculture Micro-teach session: Community Resilience

Reflections on the EPT and ideas for the future

The EPT coordination group asked all participants to fill up an on-line questionnaire in order to get feedback about the direction that the EPT should take, in view of our experience so far and renewed perspectives gained. The questionnaire had the following 5 questions: Up to now, what has the ept kicked-off in your country… Continue reading Reflections on the EPT and ideas for the future