Diploma System in Sweden


All subject to successful completion of the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course; qualifying period can be prior to the course provided it is permaculture-related.

Site design
10 designs recorded on paper (or justification of larger projects).

Site development
At least 3 years involvement, but can be just one site. Process of attaining sustainability for the site should have started. Documentation preferred.

Teaching of 10 design courses (or equivalent in workshops, lectures, etc.); at least 50% of the teaching on these courses; at least 5 design courses. Written evaluation from participants for each course preferred, essential for one course. Curricula also to be submitted.

3 years full-time work (or equivalent) in permaculture administration.

10 designs which contain sustainable and affordable alternatives and develop aesthetics.

System establishment and implementation
3 years full-time work (or equivalent) establishing and proving an essential system for permaculture design and implementation.

Establishment and maintenance of legal structures for holding land in perpetuity, over a 5 year period.

Community development
Establishment and maintenance of alternative community systems, within a bioregional context, which have maintained themselves over a 4 year period.

A significant contribution to the body of knowledge of permaculture through original research.

Establishment and maintenance of systems offering real alternatives to conventional systems over a 4 year period.

Media and communications
Work which has furthered the spread of permaculture in a significant way.

Design or manufacture of appropriate technology that makes a significant contribution to design and implementation of permaculture systems.