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In Italy there are 2 Permaculture educational structures: the Accademia Italiana di Permacultura and the Istituto Italiano di Permacultura. The former is member of the European Permaculture Teachers partnership (EPT), has more than 270 members, 40 Diploma holders,  and its missions are to assist members in their Diploma pathway and to establish and maintain international permaculture networks.

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Update – How have the Permaculture Educational Structures changed in Italy in the years 2012 – 2014?

Anna Bartoli, Accademia Italiana di Permacultura, Italy, interviewed by Henrique Zamith – 22th of July 2014

1)Has the interest into pc increased in your country (if yes, why) and how do you respond to this?

Since the 2012 EPT, the Accademia Italiana di Permacultura has noticed an increase  both  in interest about Permaculture and in PDC courses demand. We believe Permaculture is perceived in Italy as a possible answer to the life change process this crisis imposes. Especially many young people experiment Permaculture as a new way of life, both in the city and in the countryside.

To respond to this scenario the Accademia is promoting the increase of PDC courses and other workshops all over the country and strengthening the Diploma pathway support for its members.

2)Do you have more active pc teachers in your country now/ are more foreign teachers coming to your country to deliver courses?

Since 2012 we can count on 5 new Italian teachers with Diploma, which makes up a total of 40 Diploma holders. We have noticed more foreigners teachers have been running courses in Italy since 2012.

3)What has your organisation learned from the presentations/exchange with other national organisations?

We learned how important and how useful is the partnership network. For example, we could exchange many techniques and methods for teaching permaculture and we could get a very constructive feedback on the work of our organisation. Through exchange with others we feel we have learned some very useful strategies for group management and strengthening. These will surely be adopted in the future activities of the Accademia, especially considering the current increase in the number of its members.

4)Has there been changes on your national level (organisation wise) and in the pathway to diploma?

Considering that Accademia was officially born in 2006, in these last two years of partnership there have been these major changes:

  • more enpahsis was given to partnership there have been these major changesçr work is going. Through exchange we feel we have i- more emphasis was put on the proposal-making functions of the directing committee.
  • we have started to edit and diffuse some electronic news bulletins in accordance with our 2 national gatherings that happen every year. These bulletins update the members about work in progress of Accademia and the diploma pathways.

Concerning the diploma pathway:

  • we have set as compulsory the midterm evaluation and presentation step.
  • We have established a two tutors system: one of the path and one for the projects.


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