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Permacuture Association of Slovenia is main communication hub for permaculture, organizes Permaculture days, convergences and  is taking care of diploma process. Permaculture teachers network got a very strong support from EPT partnership and we need to better activate the wider membership and audience. We have a long way to go and great examples of good practice from other partners.


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Update – How have the Permaculture Educational Structures changed in Slovenia in the years 2012 – 2014?

The article is based on an interview with Domen Zupan via Skype during the EPT meeting in Friland, Denmark, 26th of May 2014. Written by Tanja Korvenmaa.

“There is definitely more permaculture education in Slovenia than there was two years ago. It is difficult to say if the association did anything to increase the demand – I think the changes in the global economy and the worry about environmental issues have raised the general interest.” Domen Zupan, the president of Dru?tvo za permakulturo Slovenije, the permaculture association of Slovenia.

Before the EPT there was one Slovenian permaculture teacher, now three others have also started to teach. The EPT helped Slovenian teachers to connect with foreign teachers – Graham Burnett and Jillian Hoves have held courses in Slovenia in the past two years. “The demand is so high though that we would still need more teachers of different topics.” Domen continues.

“The personal connection to other European teachers and organizations has increased the capacity in Slovenia – it is so much easier to ask for what we need because we know the key people personally. Also the EPT meetings have been a good place to practice skills and learn new ways to host learning, since they have been organized the same way than permaculture courses. All the EPT participants from Slovenia have had the opportunity to step up to facilitate and practice.”

One key insight for Domen was when he heard Jan Mulreany’s presentation on Inclusion of Permaculture in General Education in UK (3rd meeting in Portugal, March 2013), and how are the results of the education surveyed amongst teachers analyzed. The presentation gave him perspective on how to bring more clarity and quality to teaching – to make sure a PDC for example brings some certain results that can be unified and are not so much dependent on who is teaching or which organization is offering the course. As the president of the permaculture association of Slovenia, Domen values quality education.

The latest development in Slovenia has been forming a Strategic Partnership with Croatia, Macedonia and Ukraina. The objectives of this partnership are to continue the work started in EPT: to connect permaculture education with formal education, and build reliable Diploma pathways in all the countries.


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