Permaculture Design Process – 10. Design presentation

by Aranya

The following pattern is a guide to what you might cover during your design.
Either follow this through as described, or use it as a basis for your own ideas.


Describe your site

  • Explain the context of your design, where it is located, size of site etc.
  • Show your base map and any overlays showing zones, sectors, desire lines etc.
  • Does the site have any significant slope?
  • How do microclimates vary across the site?
  • What is the soil like? Does it vary in content, depth, pH etc. across the site?
  • What flora and fauna is present on the site?
  • What about structures, tools and events?

The client interview

  • Who are the client(s)?
  • What do they like / dislike about the current situation?
  • What are their unmet needs and wants?
  • What are their values and their vision?
  • What is their timescale and budget for the design?

Boundaries / Limiting factors

What are the key limiting factors of the site?

  • What energy and resource leaks does the site currently suffer from?
  • What other limitations are there?

What are the key limiting factors for the client(s)?

  • What are the key restraints (physical / ‘invisible’) for the client?


What is available to use on, or near to the site?

  • What resources (cheap, free, or abundant) and skills are locally available?

What knowledge, abilities and skills do the client(s) have?

  • What do the client(s) have to offer?


What were the key functions that you identified?

  • And what aspects of your client interview and site observation led you to choose

What systems and elements did you choose to fulfil those functions?

  • And why did you choose them?
  • What evaluation methods did you use to help you make your decisions?

What connections did you make?

  • What elements were you able to connect into mutually supported systems (or systems into patterns)?

What principles / patterning did you apply?

  • Where did you apply any principles or patterns to your design decisions?


Show your final design

  • Reveal your final design drawing / overlay / model, or whatever other format you decided upon to convey your ideas.
  • Explain your main recommendations, the key things that will make the system function more effectively.
  • Were you able to improve the site zoning pattern?


Where should the client start?

  • Explain a ‘minimum effort for maximum effect’ strategy that will ensure early success and motivate the client to do more.

Show a simple implementation plan

  • Lay out a basic timeline with suggested tasks.
  • Provide some short to long-term options for a low and high time / money investment.

Describe any maintenance required

  • What ongoing maintenance will need to be attended to?
  • What elements will need clear instructions?