UK Diploma Pathway

About the course

The Diploma is a course of self-directed study that takes a minimum of 2 years. During the course, you will prepare 10 designs that demonstrate your ability to apply permaculture ethics and principles, and show your competence at using a range of design methods, tools and skills.

Supported & Independent Routes

You can choose to take the supported route (recommended) or the independent route. The supported route includes tutorial support and gives you much more guidance and feedback on your design work.

The Independent route is for those people who already have an extensive body of work that they wish to get accredited.

There is more information in the diploma guidebook

Entry requirements

To register on the diploma, you need to hold a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) and be a member of the Permaculture Association for the duration of your study.

Diploma Community

There is an active network of diploma apprentices, holders and tutors who meet once a year to share design work, host workshops, hold tutorials and socialise.

There is also an active diploma facebook group.


There are tutors throughout the country. Please check the diploma tutor register for their details.


The fees guide is available below.  We operate a flexible payment system to make it more affordable.

If you still think you’ll struggle to find the fee, you could try crowd funding your diploma. You could invite funders to pay part of your fees  in return for a design. For example, if you choose the supported route, you could invite 10 funders to invest £75 each, and in return you pledge to produce a design for them.  We’re happy to use our communications channels to publicise your crowdfunding campaign to help link you up with investors.

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