UK Permaculture Association


Founded: 1983

Members: 1400

Aims and Objectives:
To enable people to have better access to permaculture training & education
To enable people to share their practice
To demonstrate the benefits of the permaculture approach to civil society and specific sectors
To promote research into the theory & practice of permaculture
To maintain an archive & library of permaculture activities and texts in Britain

Target Groups:
General public, civil society, specific sectors.

Work Focus:
Permaculture Diploma Pathway, PC Introduction workshops, courses etc., PDCs, Teacher trainings, PC in higher education, PC for / with children, focusing on local / national level, working internationally , PC Tutor trainings, Organizing events (Convergences,…), Setting up / supporting PC demonstration centres, regular newsletter, creating teaching materials, Other

Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities (PDF)

Questionnaire on Structures of Permaculture Education 2012 (PDF)


Teachers & Trainees

Permaculture Association: People

EPT Participants

Joe Atkinson (Permaculture Association)
Jan Mulreany (Permaculture Association regarding the Diploma; otherwise, Brighton Permaculture Trust)
Sandy James (The Red Shed (also a member of the Permaculture Association))
Jon Kean (Permaculture Association)
George Sobol (Freelance teacher)