Via Permacultura

PLAN_ShellThe “Permaculture Learning Action Network” (PLAN) is a lean startup approach to building a sustainable network for sharing knowledge, working from available resources, developing them and growing from there.

To address the issue of travel, one of its core principles is that nodes in the network need to be at a distance that can be easily covered on foot or by bicycle (20 – 80 km radius). Each node will provide accommodations, food and other essential needs in return for some work and a good story.

Sharing experiences and knowledge are achieved in a human scale asynchronous manner, with participants going on a journey of discovery and growth in their own time following their own route (Camino de Permacultura, Via Permacultura, Permaculture Path, Permie Pad). Stories can be recorded and broadcast via the internet, pigeon post, smoke signals, intermycelium or whatever, to make it accessible to anyone anywhere.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Leo Bakx (Aardwerk, The Netherlands), contact: